I haven’t said this very well

Today I created an event on Goodreads and invited Goodreads friends and some Facebook friends. (Not all–the site kept freezing on my FB invitations). I also posted the invitation on Facebooks, but I didn’t word the invitation very well on either site.

So I’m trying again. The invitation–and you’re included–is to readers of science fiction and/or dystopian novels to read the first chapter of Dell Zero (on this site) any time now through September 29, leave a comment, and thereby become eligible to win a free ebook copy of Dell Zero.

I neglected to say leave a comment at the end of the chapter. That’s where it goes. And if you comment anonymously, consider somehow sending me your email address, including the comment so I’ll know who you are in the event you are the winner. See the “Contact” section of this website.

Here’s the link to read the chapter:

Because I hate those rafflecopter things, you’ll have to trust that I’ll objectively choose a winner from the submitted comments. What you say won’t matter–I’ll think of a way to choose the winner blindly. You do not have to love the author or have excellent SP&G. Or know the meaning of SP&G. Or have read any science fiction/dystopian before. I just said that to weed out people who are going to hate it before they start.

Am I tired or does this seem overly-complicated?

Anyway, thank you for reading all the way to the end of this post. I hope to see your comment soon!


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