One is delusional, the other is trembling on the edge

Bob Summer’s new book, The Edge, is a psychological suspense novel that will keep you reading, and it’s currently 99 cents for Kindle.TheEdge

The Edge is a sequel to Alone But Not Lost, which features a young woman struggling for sanity. This woman appears again in The Edge, sought by a policewoman with problems of her own.Alone

For the next five days, Alone But Not Lost is also 99 cents. These books are well worth the money–grab your copies now before the price goes up.

Alone But Not Lost (Amazon US)

Alone But Not Lost (Amazon UK)

The Edge  (Amazon US)

The Edge (Amazon UK)

4 thoughts on “One is delusional, the other is trembling on the edge”

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    Here are two suspense novels by Welshwoman Bob Summer, one of our troll anthology authors, going for a song! Highly recommended by me — and Carol, too:

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    One of the authors in the troll anthology has a sale going for two of her books. Her short story was incredibly strange and funny and a little horrifying, and I can’t imagine what her longer fiction is like…but if I had to guess: strange, funny, and a little horrifying 🙂

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