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I’ve been lucky. Years ago, I wanted to live on a farm, and my husband said “Let’s do it.”  When personal computers were introduced, I wanted to know about them and own one, and lucky me, the school where I taught offered a course in Basic. When we bought our first computer, I discovered the writer’s best friend–word processing. Before word processing, I could not write without crossing out most of a typewritten or handwritten page, and progress seemed impossible.

When I wanted to shift from teaching to writing, the first Macintosh computers came out, and I was lucky enough to have the first “desktop publishing” service in my county. And when finally I had the leisure to give a lot of time to a novel, my husband didn’t merely tolerate my commitment, he encouraged it.

My first inspiration for The Girl on the Mountain was the mountain wilderness itself, because West Virginia’s terrain and flora have always challenged and tested those who live here.  Second, I was inspired by the history of industry and everyday life in the 19th century, the forerunners of today’s technology and culture. When I read Roy B. Clarkson’s non-fiction account of lumbering in West Virginia, (Tumult on the Mountain, 1964, McClain Printing Co., Parsons, WV), with more than 250 photos of giant trees, loggers, sawmills, trains, and towns, I found the setting for this story.  Finally, I was inspired by men and women of previous generations who faced difficulties unknown today. Researching and writing this novel, I felt closer to the lives of grandparents I never knew.

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17 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Looking good, Carol. I’m jealous; my novel has gone nowhere for a long time. Oh, that’s right, one actually has to sit down and WRITE beyond chapter one…
    Harvey Lee

  2. Carol, I am here in Grafton visiting my parents (from Hawaii). I stumbled on your first book, which I loved, and was thrilled to see that the third one takes place here. I read the second one quickly so I could get to the third. Did you live in Grafton?

    1. Sandra, I haven’t lived in Grafton, but often drive through, and have found it an interesting town. So I adopted the setting for the first part of Midwinter Sun. I’m certain its history is much richer than the slight treatment I gave it in the novel. There are many wonderful old photos, but in research, I found no history of Grafton, WV.

      Thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy the story.

  3. Hi Carol,

    I just finished reading your Mountain Women series. What’a gifted and wonderful writer you are. I too have finally found time to write in my later years. In the last four years I have written three works of fiction. Have not published, but maybe I will figure that out. I look forward to reading your other books. Karen

  4. Hi Carol, just finished book 10 of your Mountain Women series & have loved every book in the series. Growing up in a small WV town (Rivesville), reading your book brought back many memories of those years..

    Please keep writing!

    Jan Wegfahrt

  5. Carol,
    I love the mountain women series!
    I’ve downloaded three of the five books on audible. Tiffany Morgan does a great job reading the books. When can we expect more on audible and please please have Tiffany read them! Thank you!

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