OneNote – My Favorite Organizer

Microsoft OneNote organizes my writing, recipes, and personal information in virtual notebooks.  With tabbed sections along the top, a good search function, and a page index to help me find things I’ve forgotten, it’s my favorite tool for assembling notes, developing ideas, and composing.  My writing progress is never steadily forward;  I’m always jumping around to expand …

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Cleaning a Slop Jar in 1883

Wide Awake by Charles Trowbridge Pratt Because my new novel-in-progress is set in 1900, I’ve been researching details of daily life in the late 19th century.  I bought two books and read another via Inter-library loan, but the greatest help has been the storage of memories, documents, and special interests on Internet sites.  One day, …

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A Character’s Name

I hung a heavy name on my main character in Wacky Road–  Sara-Lapis Hughes.  Early readers of the story, which was submitted a chapter a week on, forgot her last name (Hughes) and thought it was “Lapis.”  Later, one critiquer suggested I hyphenate her name, which I did.  Then somebody else thought it was a …

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