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Prequel to the Mountain Women Series: Traveling with her uncle’s family to the Dakota Territory in 1887, May Rose meets the enchanting, exciting Jamie Long. She’s been a dutiful girl, and at 17 she’s new to the touch of a man. Blindly in love and ardently loved in return, she marries in haste and suffers a break with her family. Though her rewards as Jamie’s bride are sweet, she’ll have to be brave to survive the unexpected challenges of days and nights alone in a wild and difficult land. Read the first chapter.

THE GIRL ON THE MOUNTAIN (Book 1, Mountain Women Series, available in ebook, paper, and Audible editions)

Untrue things are said of May Rose Long, but it is true she’s too pretty for her own good. It’s 1899, and she’s on her own in a remote sawmill town where Company is king, men are rough, and a woman alone has few options. Her only resources are her pet sow’s litter of pigs and the attachment of an unruly 13-year-old girl.
The company doctor wants to help, but he’s married, and his interest is personal. The company manager offers work, but his interest in May Rose may not be proper. Then there’s Suzie, operator of the brothel, who’d gladly welcome both her and the girl. As May Rose struggles to earn her keep, her troubles seem directed by others.
Soon an accident leaves the town in desperate straits. Through it all, May Rose must earn respect, protect herself, and save the girl who sleeps with a doll clutched tight and a knife under her pillow. Read the first chapter.

COLD COMFORT (Book 2, Mountain Women Series)

Fifteen years after riding away from Winkler, Wanda leaves her child with May Rose and returns to her mountain roots, widowed, penniless, and driven by thoughts of revenge. Her grandmother, ex-moonshiner Lucie Bosell, is the person she blames for her mother’s wretched life and death.

Wanda’s resolve to steal from Lucie wavers when she falls for Will Herff, a compelling man from her past, who is single-handedly rebuilding the ruined town of Winkler. Will tries to warn her away from the Bosells, but Wanda is bent on making Lucie pay.
Read the first chapter.

MIDWINTER SUN: A LOVE STORY (Book 3, Mountain Women Series)

Fifteen years have passed with only the exchange of letters among three families connected by love and misfortune. Now remnants of these families reunite when May Rose follows her reckless stepdaughter Wanda to a West Virginia ghost town. The town has not been kind to either woman, but Wanda is determined to go back and capture the heart of a man who rejected her. Barlow Townsend has come into May Rose’s life again, yet like her, he is constrained by guilt. A town reduced to three households offers little to sustain them, but a looming war in Europe promises prosperity to the coal-rich region. To restore the town and remake their lives, all who return will have to break the chains of the past. Read the first chapter.

THE WOMEN’S WAR (Book 4, Mountain Women Series)

In 1918, Winkler explodes from a community of 13 helpful souls to a crowded coal mining town of strangers with divided loyalties. War in faraway Europe means more money in the pockets of May Rose and her friends, but as a new wife and mother she feels cut off from people and community events. And though mine owners like her husband are making money hand over fist, the workers’ poverty and resentment threaten trouble when the war ends. Before that happens, the town will be struck by an epidemic, and May Rose and the women who’ve helped each other through desperate times will face challenges as divisive and deadly as war. Read the first chapter.

THE BOARDINGHOUSE (Book 5, Mountain Women Series)

Dreams can become nightmares. May Rose has the husband, family, and boardinghouse she wanted, but managing business and doing her best for loved ones make challenging days and troubled nights. Now her husband is ailing, someone from the past is trying to find her, and malicious guests are poised to ruin her reputation. Sadly, blood is not always thicker than water. Read the first chapter.

KITH AND KIN (Book 6, Mountain Women Series)

Problems abound for May Rose, her family and Winkler friends in the spring of 1920. Her half-brothers are trying to steal her inheritance; her stepdaughter is in the midst of a risky pregnancy; and 16-year-old Evie, her step-granddaughter, wants to marry a boy from a bad family. When Evie runs away, the task of bringing her home falls to May RoseRead the first chapter.

FOOLS FOR LOVE (Book 7, Mountain Women Series)

For May Rose, it’s a summer of challenge and loss. Wanda and her family move away, love triangles confound her friends, and a competitor threatens the success of the boardinghouse. Then even more urgent matters arise—menacing waters, a demented woman, and the reappearance of a dangerous man. Read the first chapter

The Meaning of Us (Book 8, Mountain Women Series)

The path to progress is never smooth.
Winkler is changing from a company-owned town to one with new private homes and businesses. Among these are a hospital, a newspaper, a movie theater, and the Eat and Sleep, now owned by May Rose and her husband, Barlow. But just as the town seems to be moving forward, May Rose’s eyes are opened to unjust practices she’s never thought about.

To do what’s right, she’ll need the solidarity of friends both old and new. Read the first chapter

HEARTS AND SOULS (Book 9, Mountain Women Series)

What begins as a quiet summer turns hectic and unsettling as May Rose is burdened by the troubles of the preacher, rivalries among friends, and the potential loss of dear ones. Though discontent and unhappiness abound, she’s uplifted by the blooming of other hearts and encouraged by the return of two people she never thought she’d see again. Read the first chapter

THE PROMISE OF MONDAYS (Book 10, Mountain Women Series)

Life will get better, so they say. Through the spring and winter of 1923, May Rose says it too, as losses, scandals, and threats affect people she cares about. Though she’s blessed with the ingenuity and courage of her husband, friends, and family, she knows something important is missing in her own life, something she must find. Read the first chapter

PRESSING ON (Book 11, Mountain Women Series)

Going on with grace and goodwill: In 1924, May Rose and her community come together to help others survive tragedy and loss, even as they struggle to find inspiration for their own way forward. In the midst of changing times, her husband contemplates a new, risky endeavor, and Charlie, her adopted son, goes west to learn if his nightmares are true. Read the first chapter.

DOWN IN THE VALLEY (Book 12, Mountain Women Series)

Some say the new woman in town is a troublemaker, but the town of Winkler is already in trouble. Two years after the stock market crash, hard times have come to everyone. As the population declines and the mine threatens to close, May Rose and her friends work to save the school, the hospital and the town with their talents and persistence. By the end of 1931, an orphan has found a home, two friends have become a couple, and the new woman in town may be the one who can save it. Read the first chapter

RONA’S HOUSE (Book 13, Mountain Women Series)

In the final years of her life, May rose leaves the boardinghouse and makes her home in the cottage on Wanda’s farmland, where she’s surrounded by old friends, the Watsons. They’ve always treated her like family, but in 1976 new challenges emerge. Bertha Watson is seriously ill, and May Rose’s daughter Hettie is traumatized by the death of her husband. As Bertha and Hettie struggle to heal, a rivalry develops between their families over Wanda’s long-abandoned farmhouse. Read the first chapter:

RONA’S HOUSE (Book 13, Mountain Women Series)

A heartwarming story from the author of the Mountain Women Series

In a remote mountain town, an extended family looks forward to gathering at Christmas. But one of them is missing–Charlie, a deputy sheriff. Though loved and admired, Charlie is not well understood, and because he leads a solitary life, he often goes away without telling anyone. Still, he promised to be with the family Christmas day.

Charlie has been a devoted family member, but he is a poor communicator. No one knows if he’s somewhere enforcing the law or buying horses, his favorite pursuit. As Christmas day approaches, family members share their tasks, treasure their time together, and try to suppress their growing fear that Charlie is in trouble. Increasingly they believe they must do something to find him.

They have no idea that Charlie’s devotion to duty is about to alter his way of life in ways that will affect them all.

Read the first chapters.

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      1. I have just ordered a couple of your books for the library but I see you say it is available here in town (Belington). Where is it available here in Belington?

  1. I just finished reading Cold Mountain. The story was great and much different from your first novel. I hope you continue to write and I look forward to reading more about May Rose.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jeanne. Wanda is so different from May Rose – her story had to be different too. But the next book comes back to May Rose. Hope you like it too. Next year, maybe!

  2. What I heard on the five-minute audio play, was written so well. Flowing along like a river. Good writing. I will purchase one when I get caught up with my writing and reading. My book LOVE NEVER FAILS.

  3. I just finished reading (one book after the other) The girl on the mountain, and Cold comfort. I couldn’t put the books down, just great. What other books have you written, and when is the next book coming out?

  4. Carol, I found your books quite by accident and have loved reading them. Among other things I have enjoyed imagining where Winkler might be and remembering with great fondness my time in the mountains. Can’t wait for the next installment of mountain women.

    1. Joan, so good to hear from you, and imagine, you found my books! Thanks for this contact. I Hope you are all doing well. Stop by if you are ever in our area. – Carol

  5. I just finished reading Ridgetop. I am hoping you are writing a sequal to that story, so we can find out what happens to Angela and Rudy. Interesting how you connected Alva to the Boswells.
    I am enjoying your books.

  6. I am really looking forward to reading the second and third novels. I like her writing style and her characters are so interesting.

  7. Carol, I know you:) I read the Mountain Women series and LOVED each book! I could NOT put each one down until I had read the last page. That has not happened in a long time. PLEASE write more like these books!!

    1. Nancy, thanks for finding me and these books. Sign up to follow this blog and you’ll get an email when I post about a new book. I’m working on one now. It’s great to hear from you.

  8. Janet Stallsmith

    Loved, loved, loved the Mountain Women series. Read all five in three days and enjoyed each one so much. Do you plan to write more in this series?s

  9. Alanda Panteah

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Your mountain women series, could not stop reading feeling as though I was in that era right among May Rose ‘s circle of trusted friends. I was so excited to hear you are working on book 6. Can not wait! Also you have spiked my interest in W.V., time period during those days and just how mountain living was. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Alanda. I’m glad you like the stories, and very much appreciate your taking the time to comment here. Book 6 should be available soon. “Follow” this page or my Facebook page for announcements.

  10. Do you plan anymore books in the Mountain Woman series. I have read and thouroughly enjoyed each one. I need more of the series! Thank you for your ability to write such interesting books. I have recommended them to everyone I know! Thanks Irma gray

  11. I just love your books and am suggesting them to my friends. You are a wonderful author! I got 1 -5 at the library but they didn’t have 6-8 so I bought them.
    I hope you will continue the saga of May Rose and really wish someone would make it into a movie series. I loved Downton Abby and wished there had beeymore of it too.

  12. Just finished #8, thoroughly enjoyed each one, now I am hooked and need more of your books. Please hurry and finish number 9 and continue on! you are a great writer, the dialogue and character developments are wonderful, I love those people! When is the next one coming? I will be checking amazon to see any appearing! Thank you for the pleasure and joy from reading all eight books! Irene Adams

    1. Thanks for your comment, Irene–so glad you’re enjoying the series. I keep my Facebook page updated about new books, so perhaps you’ll want to follow me there. I hope the new book will be available by February or March.

  13. If i haven’t mentioned it yet, I love your stories!!!! I’m reading #9 as i write this but had to take a moment to tell you how lovely it is to read a Good book!

  14. Just finished number 9 and I loved them all. You kept me reading happily. Please tell me that you’re going to write more about my beloved Mountain Women!

      1. I just finished The Promise of Mondays. Once again, when I turned the page and the story was over, for now, I was sad. My mind had already envisioned what might be in the next page. Thank you, Carol, for continuing this most enjoyable series!

  15. Carol, I got behind in my reading the last year, so this summer I have binge read the last 5 books in the Mountain Women series. I love them! You paint such a vivid picture of our WV mountain home, and I see the characters as I read. Congratulations on such a successful series! I have enjoyed each moment in my reading!

    Donna Endler

      1. I wish the series wasn’t so long, even tho I liked the first few books. Do you think you will start a new book anytime soon?

  16. I have read all 10 of the Mountain Women books and also Ridgetop. Will there be another book in the Mountain Women Series or one following Ridgetop? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry, Karen. Number 11 in the series is now in progress, and there may be a sequel to Ridgetop some day. To receive updates, follow me on Amazon or Facebook. Thanks again.

  17. I love this series. Just finished the 4th book and cant wait to start on the next. I’m so into this series I dont want to read anything else. Love it

  18. I love this series. Just finished the 4th book and cant wait to start on the next. I’m so into this series I dont want to read anything else. Love it

  19. Just ordered Book 1 in the series. Can’t wait to get it and start reading it. I found your books by accident looking for a series to get into. Looking forward to getting them all. One by one of course.

  20. Waiting for #13. Haven’t read another book since your #1. Not getting much else done around here. Best I’ve read in quite awhile. Thank you!

  21. I will be finishing the 12th book of the Mountain Women series. I have enjoyed every book and honestly, hate for it to end. I love the characters and your style of writing. Will there be a 13th book?

  22. Sandra Martin

    Would love for you to continue the saga of May Rose into the next generation. I feel very deserted!

    1. I personally love your books but haven’t kept up with this series. I don’t like when books go on and on. have you written any other books besides this series? Thank you.

  23. Just finished the first book in the Mountain Women Series. I could hardly put it down. I live in Philippi and work at Broaddus Hospital in the Lab and was curious to real a book from a fellow Philippian and I was definitely not disappointed. We have a book club we’ve started in the lab and we are taking turns recommending a book each month. Your first book is definitely my choice. I just love the way you write and I can’t wait to get the next book in the series. Please keep up your talented work. Best wishes from a fan.

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