media and culture, open-mouth kissing

Open-mouth kisses–whaddaya think?

Every time I see characters in a contemporary movie open their mouths at the approach of a kiss and turning their heads for the best angle, I think: Yuk, vampire!

A quick online search brings up a ton of photos and articles on this topic, including some sexy stuff. Still, I’m wondering if common kissing practice has influenced the movies, or if movies and other media (including magazines like Cosmopolitan) are chasing the sensational and provocative. As usual. Think about it, if the media gave a true representation of our culture, the result would be quite tame.

Anyway, I’d like some data on this kissing phenomenon. Does open-mouth kissing prevail?

Here’s a short poll that may help me understand. If you don’t find your answer in the poll, add your own as a comment.