The Mountain Women Series

I saved my favorite for last

Rona’s House is the 13th book in the Mountain Women Series, the finale, and my favorite.

This story leaps into the future (1976), where May Rose is again surrounded by loving friends in a familiar setting. She’s quite an old lady now, full of wise observations and grand memories. As she says, she’s the oldest person she knows.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the young people of the series all grown up. There are a few new characters, friendships renewed and mysteries unraveled. Enjoy!

The ebook is now available on Amazon, and the print copy will be available soon.

The Mountain Women Series

For those who like to hold a book

Here is number 5 in the Mountain Women Series, just released in paperback: 


The Boardinghouse is also available from Amazon for Kindle. You don’t need to own a Kindle e-reader; you can get a free Kindle app for your tablet, computer, or phone.