2 New Books by Exceptional Indie Authors

I’m happy share news of two new books by authors I admire for their fine writing and compelling plots.

The Kindle version of John L. Monk’s new book, Thief’s Odyssey, is currently sale priced (for a limited time) at 99 cents. This is the most recent book I’ve read, and it had me wondering, laughing, and hoping for the thief hero and his good intentions! thief_blog

Thief’s Odyssey is Monk’s third novel. He’s earned a lot of fans and great reviews for the other two, Kick and Fool’s Ride, which trace the predicaments of a man endlessly reincarnated in the bodies of bad guys. Monk is currently writing the third novel in that series.

In its short life, Thief’s Odyssey has racked up solid 5-star customer reviews. Try it–you’ll like it! 

The second bit of book news concerns yesterday’s launch of Sarina, Sweetheart, a compelling thriller by new author Megan Carney.Sarina.oldcover

I challenge you to read the Kindle sample and not want more. When you follow the link to Amazon, you may see one of two covers. The white is newer, but both images will lead you to the same ebook.

Click here for Thief’s Odyssey

Click here for Sarina, Sweetheart

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Indie Authors: Where are they now? (Part two)

The first “awesome” indie writer John L Monk discovered was Lindy Moone, but I found her first. Among all authors I’ve met in real and online life, I judge Lindy as the most talented and most fearless.

Currently Lindy has set aside writing the sequel to her novel Hyperlink from Hell in order to edit, format and illustrate For Whom the Bell Trolls, which she calls “a charity antrollogy” with contributions from 24 indie authors. Of these writers she says “Some of the authors are well-known. Some are just not well, not well at all. Some are hiding under their beds, or possibly bridges. (Some should be.)”troll cover for Carol

Did you get that? Editing, formatting, and illustrating–for charity. Plus Lindy selected the contributors, cajoled, critiqued, kept them laughing, and held them together to the finish.

Net proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit Equality Now, an international charity that works for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women and girls. For Whom the Bell Trolls may be on sale by Christmas.You don’t have to create a reminder–I’ll let you know.

Here’s what Lindy Moone says about herself: “I sit at my desk overlooking the Aegean Sea, typing and drawing and formatting like Penelope weaving her cloth—only not really. Unwelcome suitors aren’t exactly lined up around the block, so I’m kept company by a chipped ceramic figurine of Avni, a beloved comic book character here in Turkey. My husband, the Great Fisherman Boo, may be out battling sea monsters like Odysseus, but unlike Penelope’s hubby, he’s generally home for supper.”

You can count on Lindy’s writing to be unique, hilarious, irreverent, and a bit indecent.

About Hyperlink from Hell: A Couch Potato’s Guide to the Afterlife: hyperlink “It’s all happening at The Haven (bloody murder… a celebrity patient disappears… his psychiatrist checks into his own padded suite…) and to solve the mystery, the asylum’s new director must analyze “Hyperlink from Hell”: the celebrity’s memoir of his own kidnapping and murder… of time travel and wardrobe malfunction… of good versus “bat.”

Hyperlink from Hell is a story within a story, on the outside a conventional mystery, but as crazy inside as most of the characters. I particularly like the print edition for its visual appeal. Both print and ebook are on sale at Amazon.com.

Next: In “Indie Authors, Where Are They Now (Part three) I’ll update the work of John L. Monk’s other admirable indies: Mark Capell, P.T. Hylton, Harvey Click, Dan C. Rinnert, and finally, John L Monk (himself).

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Indie Authors: Where Are They Now? (Part One)

The explosion of self-published books makes me think every third reader has just been waiting for a chance to be a writer. And guess what, people are buying and enjoying self-published books. It’s true.

I won’t review or contest all the moaning and groaning from the media about this phenomenon, though I’ll admit that having a desire to write and a good story to tell doesn’t always end in a well-written, properly formatted book. But: freedom to publish. Who can argue with that? Oh, that’s right, people with money to lose: publishers and agents.

Indie ebooks are cheap because authors can set their own price and earn up to 70 percent royalty from Amazon.

Some critics complain as though the rabble has been set loose. I heard a traditionally-published author protest that cheap ebooks threaten the industry, and without the guidance of editors and publishers, literature will decline. Well, la di da. In my humble opinion, very little that’s traditionally published each year qualifies as literature.

There are excellent writers in indie-land, just as there are talented artists and performers everywhere who never rise to national attention. But because of the huge numbers of indie ebooks and the fact that there’s wide variation in reading preferences, finding ones you like can be a frustrating task.

I’ve been delighted to find excellent authors through John L Monk, who generously lists his favorite indie authors and includes their books and buy links on his website, www.john-l-monk.com. So far his list isn’t long, probably because it takes time to sample a lot of books, not to mention reading them all the way through. Besides, he has a day job and has been busy writing sequels to Kick, the first book in the Dan Jenkins Cycle. It may be a while before he adds any new indies to his list.

Instead of offering my own recommended list of books, I decided to take the easy way out by seeing what John’s “Awesome Indies” are working on now. That will be Part Two of “Where Are They Now?” Stay tuned.