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Free – Free – Free…

And good for you! This week, March 12-13-14 only, the ebook of The Girl on the Mountain is FREE on Amazon. I hope you will SHARE this special sale with friends who love to read, especially those who like historical fiction. This could also be a good time to “gift” them a copy! Try it, you’ll like it!

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Carol Ervin, Historical Fiction Series, Mountain Women Series

Newest book now in paperback

Book 11 in the Mountain Women Series, Pressing On, is now available in paperback. Click here to see on Amazon.

Are you caught up? Check out the earlier episodes in this continuing historical series. Thanks for reading and thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it!

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  2. Cold Comfort
  3. Midwinter Sun
  4. The Women’s War
  5. The Boardinghouse
  6. Kith and Kin
  7. Fools for Love
  8. The Meaning of Us
  9. Hearts and Souls
  10. The Promise of Mondays
  11. Pressing On