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#Two and #Three

If you haven’t read any books in the Mountain Women Series, or if you’ve read only (#One), The Girl on the Mountain, now’s your chance to read more of the series at their lowest price–99 cents. The sale lasts until July 23, so hurry and click the links below!

(#Two), Cold Comfort, brings Wanda back to Winkler after the passage of 15 years. She’s a mother and a despairing widow, determined to claim a legacy from her granny, the notorious Lucie Bosell. Instead of wealth, Wanda gets trouble, but also a chance to restore herself in an alliance with man she knew long ago.

(#Three), Midwinter Sun, resumes the story of May Rose and the men and town they left behind.

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Get both – you’ll be glad you did. Offer expires 7/23/19

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Mountain Women Series Grows to 10!

*****When I finished The Girl on the Mountain, I thought there would be no more stories about May Rose. For one thing, I was certain I’d put the poor girl through enough hard times. Surely continuing her troubles would be more than a reader would like, and I thought the story could become unrealistic. But readers let me know they wanted more, so I made Wanda the heroine of the second book (Cold Comfort) and set it 15 years later.

After the publication of Cold Comfort, I quickly learned readers still wanted more about May Rose. The next book, Midwinter Sun, returned both Wanda and May Rose to Winkler, now a ghost town. At that point I realized I was writing a series.

A lot has happened to the people of Winkler since then.

Series number 10, The Promise of Mondays, is now available in Kindle ebook and paperback. The book might be read as a a stand-alone, but for a better experience, I recommend reading the series in order. I’m told this story has “a lot of heart.” I hope you enjoy it!

The ebook is free for subscribers to Kindle Unlimited, $3.99 in ebook format, and $14.99 in paperback from Amazon.

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The Mountain Women Series

Are you caught up?

A notice for readers of the Mountain Women Series: Number 10  (A Promise of Mondays) is coming soon! Are you caught up?

Here are the books in order with links to Amazon. I’ve included the first one as well, FYI.

1.  The Girl on the Mountain

2. Cold Comfort

3. Midwinter Sun

4. The Women’s War

5. The Boardinghouse

6. Kith and Kin

7. Fools for Love

8. The Meaning of Us

9. Hearts and Souls

Happy reading!