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Romantic suspense, 99 cents!

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Country singer Angela Henderson sacrificed everything and everyone for her career, but now if she sings or says a word she may ruin everything. With no job and no voice, she has no choice but to retreat home to West Virginia. Other than the risk to her voice, she thinks the only other danger might be the appeal of Rudy, her first love. She doesn’t figure on being lost in a wilderness or meeting a delusional ex-con on a mission to set the world right.

Here’s the old cover. Let me know what you think of the remake. You can read the first chapter here.

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Hearts and Souls


Caught in the middle
What begins as a quiet summer turns hectic and unsettling as May Rose is burdened by the troubles of the preacher, rivalries among friends, and the potential loss of dear ones. hearts_and_soulsThough discontent and unhappiness abound, she’s uplifted by the blooming of other hearts and encouraged by the return of two people she never thought she’d see again.

Hearts and Souls
is the ninth book in the Mountain Women Series, bringing to life the struggles, triumphs, friendships and loves of women in a small West Virginia town in the early 1900s.


Carol Bodensteiner, contemporary issues, memoir

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 — Best book price this year – Growing Up Country & Simple Truth

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Both Growing Up Country, Memories of an Iowa Farm Girl and Simple Truth – ebook versions only – are on sale from November 2-9 for $.99. Please help me spread the word about the best book price you’ll see for these books this year.

My memoir Growing Up Country shares stories of growing up on a family dairy farm in the middle of the country in the middle of the 20th century. Published 10 years ago (a milestone I can hardly believe!), Growing Up Country has shown me the importance of collecting our everyday stories.

The book includes timeless stories that trigger memories for anyone who grew up then. People who didn’t experience that time enjoy finding out what it was like.

Simple Truth is a contemporary, issue-oriented novel set in Iowa. Published this year, this is the story of a young woman who faces prejudice and injustice and must decide what she’ll risk to help someone. Anyone who enjoyed Erin Brockovich will like this story, too.

When I wrote this story – before the current, intense discussions about immigration surfaced in our country and the world – I never imagined how timely the topic would be.

I know you, my faithful followers, have likely read both of these books. But if you haven’t, now’s a great time to add the titles to your e-book shelf. If you know someone who might also enjoy the stories, please let them know they can get the e-books at a fabulous price. But you and they need to act now. The sale price expires on November 9.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your help spreading the word about this great deal.