Desperately Seeking a Good Book

Publishers!  Give me something good to read, please!  Take me where I’ve never been before–let me see a new way, think a different thought, find something completely unexpected, even disturbing, so I can come back to my life and be glad I was there and maybe glad I didn’t have to stay.  Make it fiction, because I love characters, but keep it real.  Make it well-written, because I crave inspiration as well as entertainment.  

Readers and writers!  Do you know/have you written a book that fits this bill?  No horror, paranormal, erotica, or fantasy, please.  There are millions of other readers for those genres.  Add a short blurb to identify it, a link to Amazon or other reviews as possible.  Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking a Good Book”

  1. I think you might enjoy a book I just finished a few weeks ago, The Handbook for Lighning Strike Survivors, by Michele Young-Stone. It has an interesting narrative technique, switching back and forth between accounts of the two main characters, who are unknown to each other until near the end of the novel but who have a bond in both having had their lives affected by lightning strikes. Their narratives are sometimes alternated with excerpts from a handbook for lightning strike survivors, the author of which we don't know until near the end. The characters are engaging, and their situations are delightfully quirky. Here is the Amazon URL:

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