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Overcoming the Story Blues

I hate this.

Starting a new story is as conflicting as having a new baby with the older one crying for attention.  But worse:  my story offspring are not yet equally loved.  I have to force myself to ignore the older and nurture the new. 

There are a few good side effects.  I’m not obsessed with taking care of it. I sleep better.  I’m diligently reading, planning, writing–but find time to do other things.

It’s a good thing our bodies take care of the first nine months of creating a baby.  If my mind had to develop a baby, I’d probably forget where I left it.

To shock me into a relationship with this story, I’ve put the first chapter up for critique. We’ll see if readers stimulate any maternal instincts and if the story wants to breathe.  This is risky.  The story (The Legacy of Lucie Bosell) should be available March 28 on unless I come to my senses and pull it back to the womb.

Good idea?  Bad idea?  Death wish?

What do you know about the story blues?


4 thoughts on “Overcoming the Story Blues”

  1. Carol, you make me think about this one a bit. With this quote:"If my mind had to develop a baby, I'd probably forget where I left it."I can tell you this. If my mind had to develop a baby, it would come out deformed, not fully developed. Then the next year, not having sex either, I'd produce another, not fully developed. I know it's a sick way to look at it, but that's just me!:D

  2. Oh, Geez, Carol!! I have a fear of drowning and here you have me caught in a dead heat to swim and write at the same time!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following. I'm assuming you found me via Twitter and your friend? :] I'm going to go see your story nibbler posted here… I love your profile, too, btw. Wish I'd written it. We may be soul mates in a bloggish world, but I'm definitely on dry land, sister!Deborah/TheBookishDame

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