Just launched–into the ocean of books!

I wrote, rewrote, suffered critiques, rewrote, and decided the book was ready. All of that took two years or more. Then I hired an editor (Tamara Eaton), and spent three months revising and submitting for additional critiques. Finally I hired a cover artist (the talented Leo De Bruyn) and a formatter (Heather Adkins), did the copyright thing, and learned about electronic and print-on-demand publishing on Amazon and other sites. 

YESTERDAY I clicked “send” and The Girl on the Mountain was launched into Amazon’s ocean of books. Now it has to swim! 

Please follow the link and “sample” it – either by looking inside the book on the Amazon page, or sending a sample to your Kindle.

Soon the print version will be available, as well as ebooks in formats for Nook and other e-readers.

Thanks, friends, for your support. 



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13 responses to “Just launched–into the ocean of books!

  1. Carol Del Col

    That’s great news, Carol. I’m going to look the book up right now. I acquired a Kindle last spring, so I’m ready.

  2. Kelly

    I took a peek at it during lunch and now I can’t wait to get it downloaded to my Kindle so I can read the rest!

  3. June

    Loved the sample, can’t wait to finish,

  4. I just downloaded the sample to my android, but I would have preferred to get a Nook version. Do you plan on putting it on Smashwords, B&N, etc.?

  5. Kelly

    Finished the book last night and passed it along to my daughter. Amazing! When an author can bring every aspect of a story to life, to the point that I become completely immersed in the plot and the characters’ lives, I know it is a winner. Thank you for sharing your talent Carol! When is your next book coming out?

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