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Anthropology, on Roller Skates

WRITING IS FUN! Here’s Lindy Moone to tell how she does it – and makes us laugh too.


Someone asked me what I learned from writing Hyperlink from Hell. That’s a topic for a whole lotta posts, so let’s get started.

First off, I learned that writing is not just a self-satisfying, self-actualizing pastime; it’s f&*king FUN.

There were times, writing Hyperlink, that I nearly burst with glee. I snickered, I snorted, I chortled. I made my husband doubt what sanity he thought I had left. I’m not embarrassed to admit it; I only hope some of that glee made it onto the page, and that reading it is half as fun as writing it was. Do other writers enjoy the process that much? I must be doing it wrong. Should there really be this much glee?

Yes. There should. Otherwise, why write at all? Fame and Fortune? (You can hear me chortling, can’t you?)

In fact, one of the reasons for all those silly footnotes is to…

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