Blogs that make my day

Every time I open WordPress, my blog reader gives me images and words that make me look and think more than twice.

I’ve explored only a few of the millions available, for talent abounds and there’s little time. Here are some that give me joy every day.

The strong, sassy, self-deprecating attitude of Bob Summer’s blog, which doesn’t for a minute conceal the caring writer behind it. This short story shows Bob’s talent:

The art of Ray Ferrer, stark black and white images, some or all done with spray paint. Check it out here:

Almost daily I get my snorts and giggles from Lindy Moone and John L. Monk, the quickest wits I know.

Like this from Lindy: Do you suffer from Premature E-Publication?

Both Lindy and John dazzle me with their language. Here’s John’s “Disturbing incident at work today: they found out I’m a writer.”

I enjoy discovering side bits of history on David Lawlor’s blog, History with a Twist. Check out his archives, starting with “Mrs. Nash, the Transvestite with Custer’s Seventh Cavalry.”

Some blogger personalities shine, and that’s what I like about run4joy59’s blog. I was profoundly moved by this post: Doing the right thing?

Finally, the award for most uplifting–my eyes are filled with wonder at every submission by nature photographer Janson Jones,


12 thoughts on “Blogs that make my day”

  1. Hi Carol, Thanks for including me alongside such great bloggers. I’m really glad you enjoy History With A Twist. I followed your links in the article and have already started following several of the blogs you like.Thanks for introducing me to them 🙂

  2. Well, thank you, Carol, and I couldn’t agree more about your other choices. There are a lot of undiscovered gems out there, gleaming in the darkness — writers who may feel like they’re howling in the wilderness. (Ha ha, I’m mixing my metaphors, so now I’m picturing glowing wolves typing away at keyboards — on hilltops!)

    Let’s make sure they don’t glow alone. Let’s “like” their posts, and especially, let’s “share.”

  3. Oh mega wega huge thanks from me. I’m so useless at this bloggy stuff too. I lost your comment when I tried to re-jig my stories – doh. Checking out the other suggestions now. Thanks again.

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