The Cast of My Novel!

Jennifer Lawrence, Mark Strong, Elle Fanning, Sam Rockwell and Tom Berenger. For a start. Any day now, character actors should be beating down my door for a chance to stretch their talents in a gritty story of an 1899 logging town.

Should be. As yet no movie producers have discovered The Girl on the Mountainunless they’re meeting in secret. Anyway, I’ve gotten a head start by picking actors to show you what some of the cast should look like.MayRose.framed

For May Rose, our leading lady, I prefer someone unknown, because May Rose is twenty and inexperienced when the story starts. The actress must also be pretty, since it’s her attractiveness that brings trouble.

Though Jennifer Lawrence is not unknown, and maybe not the prettiest, I’ve chosen her for a start because this photo shows her without makeup! Also she’s a compelling actress. If you’ve read the story, please feel free to nominate young, unknown actresses you think would be more suitable.

Largely because of this photo of Sam Rockwell, jamie.framedI’ve picked him to be Jamie Long, May Rose’s charismatic, deceiving husband. His is not the best part in the story.

The best part belongs to Wanda, and whoever plays her will have a good chance at the Oscar for best supporting actress. Elle Fanning is my favorite for this wild, unpredictable child who ends up in the care of May Rose. wanda.framedLook, Elle even has Wanda’s turned-up nose! (I’ll need a grown-up actress to play the older Wanda in Cold Comfort, but by the time that book is cast, Elle will be older, so maybe…)

Two other actors will fill important supporting roles. First, I’ve chosen Tom Berenger as Russell, Russell.framedJamie’s crude brother and May Rose’s tormenter.

I’ll feel more kindly toward Mr. Townsend, boss of the town and manipulator of May Rose’s future, if he’s played by Mark Strong, an actor who might make an audience forget his wrongdoings.MR.T.ovalframe

There are other great parts for character actors in this story, like Hester, the stiff boardinghouse proprietor; and the married, womanizing doctor, the nasty Donnelly boys and their mother, the preacher, the teacher, and Ruie Gowder, the preacher’s mother, who is confused about everything.

Who wouldn’t want to be in this movie?  Especially since there will be fiddle-playing, old rousing church hymns, the singing of Stephen Foster songs, and spectacular scenery. The movie must be filmed in wild, wonderful West Virginia. I’m available to show prospective producers around.

The End


17 thoughts on “The Cast of My Novel!”

  1. Unless they film Cold Comfort first and do GOTM as a prequel, in which case Jennifer Lawrence could play Wanda!

  2. Do you need a bald, overweight, & old actor? I can perform as you know. Call me, e-mail me, write me. I could use an acting job. I act up enough as it is.

  3. Absolutely! Revive Dracomtra. We could do it. What fun, but would it sell? Name recognition always helps. A Sandra Bullock or a George Clooney would sell tickets & naturally you would want to make a profit.

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