Top Ten Confessions about Me, No. 9: Why I haven’t run for exalted office

I know how wisely I could lead the country. So why haven’t I run?

Here’s my confession. First off, I’d have a hard time asking anyone to vote for me. I know myself too well, and I’d like to be led by someone a lot smarter and stronger. If from time to time we get exalted leaders who are not strong and smart, it’s probably because they don’t know themselves and are fooled by their followers. Like everyone, exalted leaders can be gullible.

I (and possibly you) might be most qualified, but high exalted office requires more.  A candidate needs to be wealthier than us 98%, with rich friends. Even rich candidates must ask for money. Doing that would require me to explain to rich people how my leadership would further enrich them. Coming from the other 98%, how could I in good conscience do that?

Third reason: I’m too proud to be indebted to people who want something.

Fourth, I haven’t the stomach for political wrangling, though I admire candidates willing to take a pie in the face. For the nation. Or whatever.

Do my reservations mean that no poor but highly-qualified candidate will ever lead us? Duh. Election reform. I’m for it.

Last and most important, I’d severely miss couch time. What’s your excuse?

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Confessions about Me, No. 9: Why I haven’t run for exalted office”

  1. My excuse is that I want to write rather than lead, but I do admire those who lead (for honest reasons) because so few of us are drawn to putting our head above the parapet. We all know that doing so can have negative consequences personally.

    1. Me too, wordfoolery. Leadership is a high calling. The world is rich in talent, but government seems always a hard the hardest place to use it. Thanks for adding your thoughts. 🙂

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