A good "B" story

Here’s a blog I posted long before publication of my first novel. It’s nice to discover my opinions haven’t changed!

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

A friend told me she would not attempt to write a novel if it could not be of the highest quality.It felt like she was criticizing me for trying.
A reader on my favorite critique site said achapter I’d posted showed no particular literary quality. His critique was kindly put, so I didn’t take offense.I can’t remember his exact words,but hedid say it was”standard prose.”I think he said I paragraphed well.The token praise pleased me anyway.After all, good paragraphing is necessary.
Suspecting he’s a reader with good taste, I understood what he meant.I love substantial writing, images that stimulate recognition and recall, well-expressed ideas that complete my half-formulated thoughts, and characters and stories that broaden my awareness.And of course, words used in eye-opening ways.I call those stories A+.They win prizes, are translated in many languages, and appeal to all kinds…

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