Dell Zero is “live” on Amazon

Here’s the pitch:

For centuries, Vita-meds have kept the Chapter’s populace at peace and on task, constantly restored to youth and vigor. How wonderful it should be! But on meds, everyone forgets, and John doesn’t feel wonderful. Now his colleague is missing, and though no one in the Chapter ever disappears, John fears he may be next. And what is he to make of his colleague’s replacement, Dell? Is she an aberration, a worker who has survived for centuries without transformation, or an outlaw, one of the species who breed in the wild?

Dell Zero - 3D
Even Dell doesn’t know where she came from. She’s grown up in the system without being part of it. If she’s not careful she’ll be branded an outlaw. She’s desperate to belong somewhere, maybe to someone, but in the Chapter, no one loves, and no one breeds.
The world of the immortals is crumbling, threatened by sloppy work, sabotage and power struggles. While the populace languishes, newborns like Dell–-the ones who are not immortal–-will save or destroy it.

Here’s where you can get a copy for your Kindle or your Kindle for PC, Mac, or Phone.

OR – Read the first chapter here.

A paperback will be available soon.

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  1. Just 5-starred it on Goodreads. It more than deserves it. I hope everyone who reads Dell Zero realizes just how far ahead of the pack this indie book runs…

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