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Indie Authors: Where Are They Now? (Part One)

The explosion of self-published books makes me think every third reader has just been waiting for a chance to be a writer. And guess what, people are buying and enjoying self-published books. It’s true.

I won’t review or contest all the moaning and groaning from the media about this phenomenon, though I’ll admit that having a desire to write and a good story to tell doesn’t always end in a well-written, properly formatted book. But: freedom to publish. Who can argue with that? Oh, that’s right, people with money to lose: publishers and agents.

Indie ebooks are cheap because authors can set their own price and earn up to 70 percent royalty from Amazon.

Some critics complain as though the rabble has been set loose. I heard a traditionally-published author protest that cheap ebooks threaten the industry, and without the guidance of editors and publishers, literature will decline. Well, la di da. In my humble opinion, very little that’s traditionally published each year qualifies as literature.

There are excellent writers in indie-land, just as there are talented artists and performers everywhere who never rise to national attention. But because of the huge numbers of indie ebooks and the fact that there’s wide variation in reading preferences, finding ones you like can be a frustrating task.

I’ve been delighted to find excellent authors through John L Monk, who generously lists his favorite indie authors and includes their books and buy links on his website, So far his list isn’t long, probably because it takes time to sample a lot of books, not to mention reading them all the way through. Besides, he has a day job and has been busy writing sequels to Kick, the first book in the Dan Jenkins Cycle. It may be a while before he adds any new indies to his list.

Instead of offering my own recommended list of books, I decided to take the easy way out by seeing what John’s “Awesome Indies” are working on now. That will be Part Two of “Where Are They Now?” Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Indie Authors: Where Are They Now? (Part One)”

  1. I for one am very grateful to Amazon. For this marketing ideal. I am a home bond person. I can’t go to the store to hunt for bargains. Which usually end up not very good. Amazon opened a whole new world for me. I have found so many really good books and author’s . Such Carol Ervin.I love the Mountain Women series. The characters are real. The stories are believable. Thanks to Amazon and the writers who are willing to take the risk.

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