Contemporary Suspense

A Mountain Women Thriller

On the eve of a country music festival, three people meet in the West Virginia mountains: Angela, a singer with a wounded voice; B.L., a delusional ex-con on a dangerous quest to prove himself; and Rudy, who’s chasing an old dream. If Angela sings—even speaks—she could ruin her voice for good, but she faces another threat: falling hard for Rudy, her first love, the man she abandoned to follow her career. Over the next few days the three will meet again in Winkler, the small town where the Ridgetop festival takes place.Ridgetop - EBook 300x479

All three will be forever changed. All three will run for their lives


Ridgetop extends the Mountain Women series with a suspenseful story that takes place 100 years later. Once again the story is set in Winkler, a fictional West Virginia town. And there’s a connection with the earlier stories, revealed only at the end.

Ridgetop is available for pre-order now (Kindle, $2.99) with a release date of May 29. A print edition may be available by then, also.

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