Getting to know me (and you)

One of the things you must get over to sell anything is the desire to remain private and unknown. This is difficult for writers, a breed who want to make their stories known but not themselves. It’s also difficult in a time when we’re cautioned to keep our information private.

The sky did not fall when I started using my real name and photo on internet sites like Amazon and others. That was three years ago. Also, blogging has had no bad results. I’m not a celebrity, so I have no paparazzi, thank goodness for that.

Participating in interviews has not brought unwanted attention (or really any attention that I can tell).  I’ve done so many that I forget what I’ve done. Here’s one I ran across today, done some time ago for BookGoodies. I wonder if anyone has read it?

Wait, I notice at the end of the interview there’s a Facebook icon and a note that my interview has been shared 52 times and tweeted 3! Maybe I’m not wasting my time at all.

Read and share–and thank you very much!

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