I Fall Down Stairs

A great post from Lindy Moone:


I fall down stairs a lot.

I have never broken so much as a toe. I know you’d say I’m clumsy, but would you say I’m lucky… or unlucky?

When I was a child, my mother would come running when she heard the thumping – the tell-tale clue that I was bouncing down the stairs. After a while she stopped running to my aid and would just call out from the couch, “You OK?”

Once, when I was in college and working at the Potsdam Museum, I slipped on ice at the top of the stone steps and landed on my ass on the sidewalk, about eight feet away, without hitting a single step on the way down. There was no oPotsdam Museumne to applaud but me. This photo from the museum’s collections shows the Center shortly after its completion. (Note the steps I fell down, on the right!) At the…

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