A message to readers of the Mountain Women Series

I never planned to write a fourth book in the Mountain Women Series; in fact, when I wrote The Girl on the Mountain I was not thinking of a series. But since the book’s publication in 2012, letters and emails from readers have encouraged me to continue telling the stories of women who experienced the same hardships and satisfactions as our great-grandmothers. Turns out, there’s lots to tell.

The fourth book in the series, The Women’s War, will be available in a few weeks. But if you’ve read only one or two books in the series, you may first want to catch up on this continuing story by reading Midwinter Sun, available in ebook and paperback versions.Midwinter-Sun.300x450

And if you’ve missed all three, try the Mountain Women Series ebook bundle:

Thanks for reading. I enjoy hearing from you!

5 thoughts on “A message to readers of the Mountain Women Series”

  1. Alaina Meister

    You’ve touched a nerve with this series – we want it to keep going!
    See you this winter; Alaina Meister

  2. Amazing ! That’s great news Carol. keep up the great work. I intend to begin writing my Memoirs in 2017 and I book on my philosophy in 2018.

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