Atty: the girl with attitude

…From the book description: In a divided Britain, seventeen-year-old Atty accepts her first proper job as a freedom fighter—all she has to do is spy on two abandoned kids. It should be a doddle in the park, but things turn messy and she gets tangled in lies, trapped on the wrong side of the border and isolated from everything she knows. And if dealing with corrupt agents, missing children and dead bodies isn’t enough, she has two lads competing for her attention, tweaking at her hormones until she can’t think straight.breakingeast

Breaking East is fiction set in 2030, yet in its depiction of a repressive society, the story throbs with contemporary realism. So does Atty. For all her bravado and hard-shell attitude, she’s a sensitive girl with personal angst that makes relationships difficult.

Visitors to the sector where she lives, BOne (B One), are welcomed with the notice that “The Fence Will Kill; The River is Toxic, and The Guards Will Shoot.”

She’s lived in BOne all her life, born behind a fence designed to protect the good people from the poison of its power plant, but deemed good enough for criminals and political prisoners. She grew up with attitude, in fact was born with it, nicknamed “Atty” with her first breath. Now she’s a junior member of the resistance, meant to be restricted to limited roles. Yet she can’t resist pushing those roles past the limits. She’s propelled by more than attitude: her dissident mother was killed by those in power, and her father has mysteriously disappeared.

This is a strongly-written young adult thriller by Bob Summer with insertions of humor and suggestions of romance. I like it a lo. The ebook is just $2.99 on Amazon. Grab your copy!







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