A thoughtful review of a book you’ve read or have put on your TBR list. Check this out.


Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens sat on my book shelf for months waiting patiently until I had the time and inclination to read. Highly recommended from friends, the book remained unopened.

Then I attended a writer’s workshop with several successful authors. A question asked of a local North Carolina bestselling author resulted in a wave of comments raising disdain for the acclaimed novel.

Guess what I did when I came home? Right. I opened the book and dug into it. Before I heard one more comment–negative or positive–I needed to determine for myself what I thought about the book. Same way I felt about Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee .

Once started, I had to finish. Good sign. The language of the naturalist captured me in its net. I lost myself in the descriptions of island life off the coast of North Carolina where even the…

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