Are you good to go?

Does anybody know the important stuff you keep in your head?

Let’s say you do a lot of business online, and you keep a lot of the ways and means in your head. What happens to all of that (and the people who depend on it) if suddenly you can’t manage it?

Who is prepared to step in and carry on for you?

An hour’s planning now can save months of difficulty for those who may have to take over. 

At the minimum, you should leave instructions for one or more people (your “digital executors”), telling how to access your phone, your computer, and your email accounts.

You can create a spreadsheet with all those instructions, but it won’t be legal unless you create a codicil to your will and have it notarized. 

There’s a better way. 

NONI is a neat application (permanently free to first subscribers) that lets you specify how your online life will be continued or concluded, and it provides a legal codicil. You can update everything at any time.

Using NONI, you can identify all your devices and online assets and specify “digital executors” and beneficiaries. Best of all, you can leave detailed instructions for managing your online life if it needs to continue—for example, if you have an online business. In NONI, all passwords are securely encrypted, but you’re not required to add them.

The application prompts you to add beneficiaries and executors for each “digital asset,” including their contact information so NONI can send your instructions once officially notified that something has happened to you. 

I just completed my digital estate on NONI and downloaded the codicil. 

I’m good to go!

P.S. I’ve been given permission to give you this free link for the developer’s friends and family, which means I can give it to you. Check it out! You’ll never be asked to pay.

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