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If you can type a clean word processing document, you can now create an ebook easier than ever. And it’s free!owl-ebook

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is offering a new tool to make it easy to create an Amazon ebook. It should be a great help to those who don’t want to learn all the requirements of ebook formatting.

Find out about it here.

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The story goes on…

I love a series, though I confess I’ve watched more than I’ve read, with the exception of all the time spent writing my own, the Mountain Women Series. If a work has a good cast of characters, a series gives readers as well as the writer an opportunity to learn more about them and to see them grow and change.

If you’ve read any of my stories, you know they have lots of characters, but not all are featured in every book. I love bringing back characters we haven’t heard about for a while.

The enigmatic, rather mysterious character of Charlie Herff has a larger role in the newest book in the series, The Meaning of Us. Charlie was nine in the first book; he’s about 30 now, and he’s had a troubled life. M2_The_Meaning_of_Us

In this book there’s also an important reappearance of Silby, the young girl first portrayed in The Boardinghouse. 

In following a series, we not only learn more about the characters, we begin to think of them as people we actually know, an extension of our neighbors, friends, or family. Great series characters may become part of our culture, like Hawkeye Pierce and the other memorable people of MASH, a series that may have helped change our ideas of war.

A number of readers have said they feel close to the people in my series, and some have said the fictional town of Winkler, West Virginia, was surely based on their own home town. Since I like the town and its people, I love hearing comments like that.

The Meaning of Us is now available in ebook, and the paperback is coming soon. You can read the first chapter here or download the ebook.




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Just in – a map of Old Winkler

Finally, there are maps to guide a reader’s understanding of the town of Winkler, the setting for the Mountain Women Series. The newest map created by Ken Kreider shows Winkler in its heyday as a sawmill town, circa 1900. If you’ve read The Girl on the Mountain, notice the railroad track on the left that led to her mountain cabin. That track represents the road that brought logs down from the camps.

Winkler Map2

Note the company store and the church in the center of town, almost the only two structures that survived the floods and fires of later years. But that’s another story.

Readers have said they feel like they know this town and as they read they feel like they’re “there.” I hope this drawing comes close to their imaginings.

Stay tuned for more about Winkler, May Rose and her family and friends in Book 8 of the Mountain Women Series. And thanks for reading!



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