black and white dogs, Border Collies, Cold Comfort, moonshine still

Old Henry’s Dog

Here he is, the dog who has no name of his own, but one of the comforting creatures in Cold Comfort.OH.Dog.

Old Henry’s Dog is fictional, but I love him.

More Cold Comfort background: turnip.stillPhoto of a moonshine distillery featuring a ‘turnip’ still.

Next, my image of Lucie Bosell (the mean granny in Cold Comfort), the old woman at the center of the group photo below, one of my ancestors. The man in the middle of the back row was my grandfather.


I love those clothes, but I hope my great-grandmother was nicer than she looks.

More entries for Old Henry’s dog: dog in the snow is from photographer friend Tracy Marsh Knotts.

The black/gray/white dog suggestion for Old Henry’s Dog is Lucy. I’m this one’s great aunt.

OHdog.lucie. Old Henry’s Dog submissions: At left, Dora, from Sandy Lantz.

And bottom, another member of my doggy family, nephew Frodo.

Cold Comfort, John L. Monk, Kick

More Shameless Self-promotion (and a Kick)

First, so this isn’t totally about meeee, check out John L. Monk’s new cover. The main character of Kick is a good guy who keeps coming backKick1s in a bad guy’s body, with a limited time to put him out of business before the guy kicks him out. The book is well-written, inexpensive, and entertaining, and  you can get it here:

Second: My interview on BookGoodies. I like those people!

Third: Coming Soon: Cold Comfort. Please notice its cover, above left. In a few days this site will have ‘buy’ links for Kindle and Nook, and printed books in local stores!

I’ve redesigned this site to make room for the new baby. See the new welcome page. Waiting now for the new page header. 🙂