A thought-provoking cover:

Who is Dell Zero? Why is she an outsider, and how will she make her way?  Amazing artist and author Lindy Moone, who has been at my virtual elbow since early drafts of Dell Zero, has designed a cover for this post-apocalyptic novel with images that provoke questions. The cover is not only visually stunning: it captures feelings of the main character neglected …

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Pre-release: the first three chapters

One– The car was a ten-year-old Buick with 193,000 miles, bought with every bit of Angela’s savings plus most of what she’d earned from the summer tour. Everything she owned was stuffed in the trunk and piled inside, leaving a tight space for herself behind the steering wheel. Atop a box on the passenger seat, …

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Bred to be a biological weapon

Megan Carney’s Sarina Sweetheart is a cleverly plotted and well-written thriller with a brilliant and determined heroine. Sarina needs to be brilliant, and she must take advantage of the smallest opportunity, because she’s been raised since infancy in laboratory confinement, studied, tutored, and subjected to involuntary surgery. She knows why: she was bred to be a …

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