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Interesting questions from Dan Rinnert

—Author Dan C. Rinnert recently published an interview featuring my dystopian novel, Dell Zero. Take a look (and buzz around his fascinating website). The ebook, by the way, is free on Amazon, iTunes, and other sites. Click the image.Dell Zero150x200



I love being included with these authors

P.T. Hylton (author of Regulation 19) has produced a youtube video review of science fiction he read last month, among them two by Hugh Howey and one by……………ME.

Naturally I love what he has to say about Dell Zero.

See the video!

Dell Zero

It’s not hard-core science fiction

Dell Zero - 3DAnnouncing publication of the paperback version of Dell Zero! It’s science fiction without robots, time travel, or spaceships. I call it futuristic; others have said dystopian and biopunk. It’s not wickedly technical (because I’m not!) and has mystery and a bit of romance. Check it out at ($12.34)or for Kindle at ($2,99)