Books by Carol Ervin

A new look for the series

A new look will soon appear on covers of books in the Mountain Women Series. Readers have loved the Mountain Women covers, first created by Victorine Lieske in 2012. With her first cover for The Girl on the Mountain, Victorine “branded” the series, now 13 books and a prequel. The old covers worked well, but …

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What could go wrong?

What could go wrong in a system that keeps workers focused on their jobs, ends crime, and makes everyone behave appropriately? This is the theme of Dell Zero, a speculative novel featuring the adventures of an innocent young woman and an unhappy old-timer who can’t remember when he wasn’t part of the system. In this …

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What was the most recent book you read…

…in the Mountain Women Series? Recently at a community book sale a lot of people told me they couldn’t remember which book in the series they needed to read next. My solution: the first two chapters of each book are available on this website: along with links to each book on Amazon. Happy reading!

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