In the Beginning…

Here’s another profound and witty post from author Lindy Moone. What if you become famous? Get your answers ready!


What if some of us are famous, someday? What if one of us has JUST THIS SECOND become famous, or is famously becoming famous… and we just don’t know it?

What is the sound of one person becoming famous? Clapping?

Setting aside the good, the bad, and the ugly cliches about whether or not being famous is a good, bad, or ugly thing, let’s pretend:

You are a famous author (chicken farmer, beekeeper, astronaut, whatever you are, how-the-hell-should-I-know-what-you-are?), and someone not quite as famously famous — a journalist, perhaps — asks you:

What’s your favorite opening line from a book?”

Could happen. Chicken farmers read.

Shouldn’t you be ready for that question? And have clean underwear?

I have clean underwear. It’s in my pocket. So I’m ready, just not for that question. I have too many favorite opening lines. Some of them aren’t even from my favorite books. Here’s…

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