A new word for ‘awesome.’ Please.

I have a narrow tolerance for words used too often. Yet recently I’ve found myself using ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing,’ primarily in response to postings on Facebook.

You know a word is worn out when it’s used by people like me–those beyond the margins of the hip world, whether we’re old or young.  The coolest among us have already countered overuse of these words with opposites, like saying ‘deadly’ instead of ‘great.’ (I made that one up, I’m not sure anyone uses it.)

So tell me, what are the new substitutes for ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome?’ Or invent some. Please.


8 thoughts on “A new word for ‘awesome.’ Please.”

  1. I agree with you I never liked awesome used so much.
    Another one used to much is Great as in Oh Great now i have to start over.
    etc. And used as an opposite of its true meaning.

  2. In Dublin we use ‘deadly’ for ‘great’ all the time. It goes back to my childhood and probably way further back than that. ‘Amazeballs’ is the word du jour. However, having said that, if I know it then it’s probably already passe. What’s wrong with ‘fantastic’ or ‘brilliant’?

  3. I agree with you Carol. I find myself using “Great” all the time. So often I sound trite even to myself. Yikes! “Amazeballs” is a great (sorry!), unique word. My sister didn’t like swearing yet she needed a word, so when the moment led it it, she’d exclaim “Oh, Cow!” Given our dairy farm background, it was the perfect choice. Perhaps if we could each find a term that was unique to us?

    1. In attempting to describe the extremes of our passions, we are either inarticulate, trite, or profane. And even most profanity is trite! I guess a single word seldom does the job.

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