Indie Authors: Where Are They Now? (Part 3)

One of the best characteristics of humanity is our desire and ability to create. Another is our willingness to share. Think of that the next time you wonder what the world is coming to.

Every day I’m blessed by the ideas and products of creative people–actors and artists, carpenters, cooks, engineers, mechanics, musicians, scientists, video producers, writers (to name only a few). And though the Internet is used for some terrible stuff, so much that’s good is freely shared via this medium.

Authors are my particular interest in the creative spectrum, especially authors who are doing it all themselves and doing it well. This post continues my investigation of John L. Monk’s “awesome indies.” The subject for today: P. T. Hylton, author of Regulation 19 (at this date 99 Amazon customer reviews averaging 4.5) and the newly-released A Place Without Shadows (If you hurry, you could be the first to review!)shadows

Like so many indie writers, P. T. is a versatile guy. His official bio says “P.T. Hylton is a writer, podcaster, and Instructional Designer living in Appalachian mountains of Eastern Tennessee with his wife and daughter.” 

He says he makes videos because “I just can’t seem to stop talking.” In his youtube videos, he shows up as a good talker with a smooth voice who never stumbles or misses a beat. But his novels and book review videos may not capture this smart, whimsical guy the way his singing and songwriting do: before you go away, check out P. T.’s “Call of the Green” on his Pop Culture Sing-Along. You have to love him.

Regulation 19 is the story of Frank Hinkle, a man who is released from prison and finds his hometown has changed in some very dark and mysterious ways during his absence. A Place Without Shadows continues Frank’s story. The author says, “My secret goal in Regulation 19 was to make you afraid of birds; I’m hoping A Place Without Shadows makes you afraid of trees.”

Thanks, John L. Monk, for introducing me to P.T. Hylton. I liked Regulation 19 and I just bought A Place Without Shadows.

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