Last Day Free

Dell Zero‘s free promotion is going well, considering I spent only $108 for advertising on three sites. It’s slipped in the free ranks, but gained ground in the genre categories.

My promotional sites: Just Kindle Books ($18), FreeBooksy feature ($70) and a 3 day highlight on BookGoodies ($20). Dell Zero didn’t qualify for a BookBub promotion or BookDaily this time. But my friends helped a lot, reblogging, retweeting and FB-ing. I could have done more.

Last time I checked, the ebook had more than 2,000 downloads. The lowest overall rank I saw was #198.

Free promotions spread awareness of the title and cover, but many say people fill their Kindles with free books they never get around to reading. Since it took a long time for The Girl on the Mountain to catch on, I won’t be disappointed if it’s a while before Dell Zero‘s stats represent real sales.


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