Mentioned on the TBR Podcast again — and Carol Ervin too!

Always good to have friends in your corner!

John L. Monk

Ok, so Patrick from the TBR Podcast just read Fool’s Ride and seemed to really like it — spoiler, I know, sorry 🙂  Can’t keep a secret. Another secret I can’t keep is that he’s now reading Dell Zero by Carol Ervin! I think he’s going to love it, because it’s actually quite a page turner (if you have a Kindle, simply spin it around several times for the same effect).

As with all things exciting in my life, I um…arrive at around the 6 minute mark… Carol er…uh…arrives too, a little after me… Just sayin’.

Again, if you like the podcast, maybe pop them a review. The more reviews they get, the better traction they make in the iTunes store. That way everyone…er…um…gets theirs.

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