Doing the Fan Dance

I’ve read the whole thing, and you should buy this book for many reasons, starting with the hilarious introductions. But again, it’s for grown-up children (and serious adults) not kids.


Troll Kindle cover for upload 320The antrollogy is resting comfortably in pre-order on Amazon, but I couldn’t be more nervous — not unless I had to dance the Fan Dance naked on stage in front of all my childhood crushes. So they’d better all buy the book or I’m gonna do it — and that’s a sight that can’t be unseen.

But there’s another kind of Fan Dance, and it’s all the rage: book promotion. I’ll admit to being very shy about dancing naked in public, but since it’s for a good cause… Here we go!

Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! It’s HERE!

Now available for pre-order on Amazon, our illustrated charity antrollogy for grown-ups! It goes live April Fools’ Day (of course). Please share! We need all eyes on this, to help fund Equality Now — a brave and worthy charity that supports the rights of women and girls worldwide — because…

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