Release day: good luck, baby!

Ridgetop.banner.425x157Because Ridgetop is my fifth book, I’ve a lot less stage fright with this launch. I already know some people will love it and want more and others won’t like it (and may throw rotten tomatoes.) What matters is that I love creating characters and stories, and it turns out that putting my work on stage like this is not a total waste of time. Ridgetop is now available at as ebook ($2.99) and paperback ($14.99).


15 thoughts on “Release day: good luck, baby!”

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    Carol Ervin was the 2nd “Awesome Indie” in my Awesome Indie Project. Now she’s pretty darn successful (all her, take my word for it). Her 5th book is out today. Huge fan (naturally), and you will be too if you pick it up.

  2. Five starred it on Goodreads, too — and you know I almost NEVER go there! (Waits for lollipop, pat on head, “Good girl!” from Carol.) 😉

      1. Thank you. Now, when we tweet about Ridgetop, is there a particular hashtag you’d like us to use? (I am a total twitter twit.)

  3. Congrats, Carol. You’ve found the secret–you made yourself happy and that will only reverberate out to others who read your new book. Celebrate!

  4. So far so good – enjoying the building of the plot and keeping me interested to find out what happens next! I am into the 13th chapter so I will let you know more when I have read it all.

    Karla A Horst

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