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COMING SOON: Your favorite characters will be back in a new novel set in the fictional town of Winkler, West Virginia, in 1924. Pressing On is number 11 in the Mountain Women Series.

In this story, May Rose and her community come together to help others survive tragedy and loss, even as they struggle to find inspiration for their own way forward. In the midst of changing times, her husband contemplates a new, risky endeavor, and Charlie, her adopted son, goes west to learn if his nightmares are true.

For the best experience, read the books in order to see how the characters grow and evolve. Here’s a list of books in the series, with links to Amazon:

  1. The Girl on the Mountain
  2. Cold Comfort
  3. Midwinter Sun
  4. The Women’s War
  5. The Boardinghouse
  6. Kith and Kin
  7. Fools for Love
  8. The Meaning of Us
  9. Hearts and Souls
  10. The Promise of Mondays
  11. Pressing On
  12. Down in the Valley
  13. Rona’s House

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