Being early can be a good thing

My Christmas shopping is done (sorry, you probably didn’t want to hear that), and so is my Christmas book (I hope you like hearing that).

I’ve always wanted to write a Christmas story, and I finally did it. Christmas with Charlie is a novella, related to the Mountain Women series, but it can be enjoyed by those who haven’t read the series.

Yes, it’s early to be thinking about Christmas. But did I mention my Christmas shopping is finished, too?

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The book description:

In a remote mountain town, an extended family looks forward to gathering at Christmas. But one of them is missing–Charlie, a deputy sheriff. Though loved and admired, Charlie is not well understood, and because he leads a solitary life, he often goes away without telling anyone. Still, he promised to be with the family Christmas day.

Charlie has been a devoted family member, but he is a poor communicator. No one knows if he’s somewhere enforcing the law or buying horses, his favorite pursuit. As Christmas day approaches, family members share their tasks, treasure their time together, and try to suppress their growing fear that Charlie is in trouble. Increasingly they believe they must do something to find him.

They have no idea that Charlie’s devotion to duty is about to alter his way of life in ways that will affect them all.

Christmas with Charlie is available in ebook and print format from Amazon. It’s also Free in Kindle Unlimited.

Merry early Christmas!

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