West Virginia

The intersection of past and present:

West Virginia ghost towns: what to do when the company leaves the company town I liked the article linked below because I live in a rural West Virginia county that has seen every economic indicator go down with the decline of coal operations. As writer Shay Maunz points out, we can’t attract shiny new businesses to these sparsely populated, remote …

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The End of a Series

Readers who loved May Rose’s story will be happy to discover her new adventures in the final story of the Mountain Women Series. It’s Midwinter Sun: A Love Story. The characters are older (and wiser, a condition which always happens, we hope). They’ve returned to Winkler, West Virginia, where everything has changed. I’ll put a sample chapter on …

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When all the trees were taken

In The Girl in the Mountain, an old settler complains that creation is being destroyed to make toothpicks and clothespins. Another character says of the pollution from the local tannery, “we all need shoe leather, don’t we?” Meanwhile the manager of the story’s lumber company takes pride in the jobs created and families supported by his industry. Some of the …

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