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Free – Free – Free…

And good for you! This week, March 12-13-14 only, the ebook of The Girl on the Mountain is FREE on Amazon. I hope you will SHARE this special sale with friends who love to read, especially those who like historical fiction. This could also be a good time to “gift” them a copy! Try it, you’ll like it!

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99 cent ebook sale:

Rose.title.FBadBuy one for a friend! Through Wednesday 11/13, the Kindle version of The Girl on the Mountain will be on sale at Amazon for 99 CENTS. Owning a Kindle reader is not necessary–readers may download a free Kindle app for computer, tablet or phone. Pass it on–reblog–tweet–or call a friend! Thank you!

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The Girl on the Mountain

For Goodreads members…a new Giveaway…

If you’re a member of Goodreads, the online bookclub, you can enter to win one of 100 Kindle copies of The Girl on the Mountain. The entry period begins today and ends July22. If you’re a winner, Amazon will automatically send your prize to your Kindle. 

Please recommend this book and giveaway to your Goodreads friends. And if you haven’t read the book, enter yourself!

If you’re not a Goodreads member, see the “JOIN” button at the upper right portion of the giveaway page.

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