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Cold Comfort is in final draft stage, and I’m happy with what I’ve done with the character of Wanda, the ‘sidekick’ of my first novel, The Girl on the Mountain.

Wanda as a child was charming, spontaneous, and shocking to her elders. Cold Comfort takes place fifteen years later.

My first problem was how to transition Wanda to a grown-up.

Other characters in The Girl on the Mountain described Wanda as “undisciplined.” For Cold Comfort I decided to let her be the aggressor in romance, and to put her in conflict with other characters. Bad experiences and the loss of her husband have given her a desire for revenge. She continues to carry a knife, and this time it gets her in big trouble.

Wanda’s character is darker in Cold Comfort, but plenty of others offer comic relief. Readers of The Girl on the Mountain will also catch up with May Rose, whose full story is yet to be told!


8 thoughts on “Backstory”

  1. Following Wanda’s trail closely. She was a favorite character from the first book. Speaking of the first book, are you going to give us a sneak peek at the new cover for The Girl on the Mountain here on your blog? I happen to know that it’s amazing, and I hope it will be out soon.

    Do you know what happens to your Amazon reviews if you republish with a new cover? I don’t. I’ve been thinking about doing a bit of tidying, but worried about losing my reviews.

  2. Wow. The back cover is gorgeous, too! I’m thrilled that you now have a wonderful cover for a brilliantly written book. 🙂

    I edit my book description all the time; that’s not the same as changing the pages within the book — but, too be honest, I can’t remember how it was all sent to Amazon anymore. I’ll have to relearn the process. (Oh, bother!)

  3. I am looking forward to “Cold Comfort”. You made your characters so real in “Girl on the Mountain”, I have to find out what is happening to them. Wanda’s experiences should be interesting!

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