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What was the most recent book you read…

…in the Mountain Women Series?

Recently at a community book sale a lot of people told me they couldn’t remember which book in the series they needed to read next. My solution: the first two chapters of each book are available on this website: along with links to each book on Amazon.

Happy reading!

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Free on Kindle…

The Kindle ebook, For the Love of Jamie Long is FREE Oct. 12-16. Get your copy now and tell your friends! If you don’t have a Kindle, just download a free Kindle app for your tablet, iPad, or phone. It’s an easy and convenient way to read.

A Prequel to the Mountain Women Series

Traveling with her uncle’s family to the Dakota Territory in 1887, May Rose meets the enchanting, exciting Jamie Long. She’s a dutiful, innocent girl, and at 17 she’s new to the touch of a man. Blindly in love and ardently loved in return, she marries in haste and suffers a break with her family. Though her rewards as Jamie’s bride are sweet, she’ll have to be brave to survive the unexpected challenges of days and nights alone in a wild and difficult land.
For the Love of Jamie Long is a prequel to the Mountain Women Series, historical fiction bringing to life the struggles and triumphs, friendships and families of women at the turn of the 19th century.

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99 cent ebook sale:

Rose.title.FBadBuy one for a friend! Through Wednesday 11/13, the Kindle version of The Girl on the Mountain will be on sale at Amazon for 99 CENTS. Owning a Kindle reader is not necessary–readers may download a free Kindle app for computer, tablet or phone. Pass it on–reblog–tweet–or call a friend! Thank you!

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