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The People in my Stories

Charlie’s eyes shifted to his brother. “Will spits ’bacca juice at me.” “Charlie lies,” Will said. These are the first words we hear from two young brothers in The Girl on the Mountain, the first book in my Mountain Women series. When I introduced these boys, I had no idea how they would impact the story …

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No one loves every book

You don’t have to love my book, or read it. I understand completely. If you’re a writer, I hope it’s okay that I may not love your book or poem or even choose to read it. I trust somebody will, and I hope your work will find the audience it deserves. Seldom does a book come along that …

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More, please.

Though I’m always hesitant to give literary advice, I would like to make a modest request to authors of fiction. Please, give us something that’s more. A lot of fiction is like stale cookies or mediocre pizza, satisfying to people who’ll take sugar, cheese and pepperoni in any form.  I can never understand why, when it’s …

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