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Free ebook July 4-8

… A Prequel to the Mountain Women Series

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Traveling with her uncle’s family to the Dakota Territory in 1887, May Rose meets the enchanting, exciting Jamie Long. She’s a dutiful, innocent girl, and at 17 she’s new to the touch of a man. Blindly in love and ardently loved in return, she marries in haste and suffers a break with her family. Though her rewards as Jamie’s bride are sweet, she’ll have to be brave to survive the unexpected challenges of days and nights alone in a wild and difficult land.

Fans of my historical series and new readers will love this look back at the life of the main character at 17, when she meets her first love. For the Love of Jamie Long is a novella (a short book).

Now available from Amazon in ebook and paper formats.


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Free – Free – Free…

And good for you! This week, March 12-13-14 only, the ebook of The Girl on the Mountain is FREE on Amazon. I hope you will SHARE this special sale with friends who love to read, especially those who like historical fiction. This could also be a good time to “gift” them a copy! Try it, you’ll like it!

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