Editing made easy

Okay, not easy. Easier. You’ve probably heard that reformatting your word processing page single-spaced with narrow margins (making it look more like a book page) is one way to get fresh eyes on your work-in-progress. Even better, if you have a Kindle, try the personal document feature (Send to Kindle) to examine your manuscript. A different format helps …

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Writing the story blurb

. . . ain’t easy! A brief, intriguing concept. A dash of the personalities in play. A teaser. This is what I need for the back cover of my new novel, Cold Comfort, and for the online product description. The story blurb must attract the right readers, be truthful to content, and not give away too much. It’s …

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Writing from scratch

Writing from scratch is harder than cooking from scratch, unless you’re copying someone else’s recipe. When you write from scratch, you must concoct the ingredients, too. The first ingredient of The Girl on the Mountain grew from my dream about a poor child huddled in bushes at the door of a privileged home. An open …

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